What a day to…

What a day to finally start a blog.

We are in the midst of basement remodeling, my youngest is teething and just threw up on me, and the power company is trimming the crap out of the trees in the yard.  Of course, none of these things (with the exception of being barfed upon) is actually terrible, and indeed, it is pretty much business as usual.

I've also got wild rice cooking in anticipation of making wild rice soup.  It's fall, after all, and when it's cold, Mr. Man (my esteemed spouse) starts with the pointed hints about soup.  Any soup.  Especially wild rice soup with a million or so calories per serving – but who's counting?

So, instead of doing a lot of other domestic stuff that is awaiting my attention, I am making my first blog post while the rice does its ricey thing, and the baby sleeps and the cats snuggle.

What a day to finally start a blog.

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About elsmama

I am prone to speaking before having engaged my brain. This has caused some strife, and much laughter.
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