How the soup went

Well, the wild rice soup turned out to be fabulous.  Even Munchie (the baby) and Nutpea (the oldest) thought it was great. 

I love the way the house smells when I get around to actually cooking.  The other night I made steak and potatoes – pretty basic, but the scent of mom-food lasted through part of the next day.  I love the smell of mom-food, although to get that scent in my house, I am the one who has to prepare the mom-food.  That's no different from anyone else, I suppose – but sometimes I wish I could be the one to come home to a meal I didn't have to shop for, plan, prepare and then clean up after.

To be fair, Mr. Man does do some cooking, especially on weekends.  His tastes run to pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs, which Nutpea loves.  I usually have to bail from the house when there is bacon going on – Can't stand the smell.

At any rate, there is soup for the masses in the fridge, just waiting to be heated, developing that "better the next day" flavor.  If we are lucky, the 2 gallons in there will last us till Sunday!

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