Today’s agenda

Well, well…  Here it is at last!

The basement is finally ready for habitation!  Today we are going to start moving things down there, which means that very soon Munchie will have her own room, and Mr. Man and I get our private quarters back! 

Yay!  I know it has only been a year (or almost) but it seems like longer than that.  It will be nice to not have to tiptoe when getting ready for bed, and the connubial bliss quotient is sure to go up.

I will miss listening to Munchie snuffle and snort in the night, and I will also miss the convenience of grabbing her and bringing her into bed with me if she gets up too early and I need more sleep.  But I think that, over all, it is time for the move.

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I am prone to speaking before having engaged my brain. This has caused some strife, and much laughter.
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