I got some news today, oh boy.

I got some news today from the doctor’s office.

This fall has been a challenging one for me. I found myself with a cracked root in a molar that I had previously had roto-rootered (not fun when you are apparently impervious to most common dental anesthetics). This crack was discovered by way of a zit-like bump in my gum, indicating an infection. Sucky? You damn-betcha.

The oral surgeon with whom I consulted recommended pulling the tooth. Fine. I know better than to spend enormous amounts of money trying to save a bit of me that a) is clearly broken, and b) is not salvageable. Kudos to him for not soaking me financially trying to save it.

The tooth was pulled, and, while it took time, the wound healed. I needed 2 courses of penicillin and twice as much time as expected, but it healed.

Then, it was time for the implant base. In it went. In also, apparently, went bacteria, as I ended up with an infection around the base of the implant. More penicillin ensued – another 2 courses, by which time it was clear that I had some sort of resistant soul-sucking demon of a germ eating my jawbone for a snack.

Not one to be trifled with, my oral surgeon (who is hot-hot-hot!) put me on Clindamycin, kind of the ass-kicking cousin of antibiotics. Great! It worked! No more infection!

The problem with ass-kicking antibiotics is that they sometimes kick more asses than they ought; namely, every friendly and necessary organism in your gut. I thought I was lucky when I completed the course of Clindamycin with no sign of bad GI ju-ju. I felt fine, looked fine, and all was well.

About a month later, the (sadly, literal) shit-storm broke. I will spare you most of the details. You’re welcome.


This is my intimate friend, Clostridium. It took up residence in my gut, and has been providing me with much amusement (if you call running for the toilet, hoping you can avoid sharting yourself amusing) for several weeks now. Thankfully, the doctor’s office did not wait for absolute confirmation of its identity before giving me the instrument of its demise, in the form of metronizadole, which I am faithfully ingesting on a regular basis. As noted above, however, I got some news today. And now we have the name of the culprit.

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