15 Completely Rational Facts I Wish I Could Convince My Kid Were True | The Stir

15 Completely Rational Facts I Wish I Could Convince My Kid Were True | The Stir.

Thank you, Jeanne Sager!

There are many things I could add to this list, but they would all be in the same vein. My satisfaction will be boundless, as it was with my elder child, when the younger child realizes that, Yes, Mama knows what she was talking about.

I realize that will be only a short time before I descend once again into the pit of disdain when she hits her teen years, and indeed, I feel my toes on that steep slope as regards my older girl already.

In other news, I will be watching this video with my big kid this evening:

13-year-old Discusses Slut-Shaming and Why It Is Wrong

She is going to be mortified. Why in the world would I want to discuss slut-shaming with her? Ewww!

Well, I think it is important to plant the ideas around a healthy sexuality before too much bad societal stuff creeps into her psyche. I think that women cut each other brutally and often, and it is frequently with a label of “slut”. I want to give her a straightforward, fact-based idea of how our family’s values come into play as regards sexuality.

Of course, it’s not easy to talk about things like this, especially with an almost-13 year old. It’s fairly embarrassing for both of us. (Did I tell the story of trapping her on the SkyGlider at the State Fair and discussing masturbation with her?) But it has to be done.

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I am prone to speaking before having engaged my brain. This has caused some strife, and much laughter.
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2 Responses to 15 Completely Rational Facts I Wish I Could Convince My Kid Were True | The Stir

  1. jeannesager says:

    Thanks for noticing! Glad I’m not the only mom out there terrified of the teen years!

  2. elsmama says:

    Boy, are they ever scary! Here’s to hoping for an easy transition.

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