Growing up with my kids 1

I found myself initiating an uncomfortable conversation with my eldest this evening. It’s my job to do that, and clearly, no one else is going to if I don’t, but that does not make it easier.

She is 12. She is just on the cusp of puberty, and I can see in her eyes and actions a desire to remain a little girl for as long as she can. She tends to avoid (read: run screaming with eyes closed and ears firmly covered) discussions that involve development and the impending changes involved.

At any rate, I observed through the dance studio window that it is getting to be time to consider an actual bra. It’s not as if her breasts are flopping all over or anything, but things are beginning to flower.

My own hang-ups and issues aside, I think it worked pretty well to just throw the subject out there. I mentioned that it was probably time for her to consider the idea, and that when she was ready, we could do some shopping. She was not thrilled, but coped well – likely better than I will.

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I am prone to speaking before having engaged my brain. This has caused some strife, and much laughter.
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6 Responses to Growing up with my kids 1

  1. Laura says:

    Wow. I can’t believe our Kids are getting soooo big:(

  2. BH says:

    Gracie informed me last night that she thinks she could benefit from an eyebrow waxing. WHAT?! She also informed me that she thinks all boys should avoid wearing skinny jeans. I wholeheartedly agree, but I wanted to know her reasoning so I asked her why. Her response: “They are too…um…outlining.” This conversation happened while we were watching “Labyrinth”–the famed David Bowie movie where everyone remembers David Bowie’s “package” while he sang “Dance, Magic, Dance”. ::shudder:: My daughter isn’t so little anymore if she’s noticing David Bowie’s package as well as the other boys’ and deciding that she’d rather not. Oh boy…You’re right. They’re getting too big.

  3. elsmama says:

    OMG…Eyebrow waxing? If it would help, feel free to tell her that I have never in my life waxed anything… Not even a floor.

    I love Labyrinth, but even I avert my gaze from the infamous codpiece. There are some things at shouldn’t be seen, and Gracie is right about the outlining. Just… Unnecessary.

    I wish there were a way to turn the growing-up dial to “slow” sometimes. Not all the way off, but just not so speedy! I’m not ready!!

    • BH says:

      It may help that I have two ahead of her already in bras of some sort who are already tending to the brows. But, she’s only in 5th grade. No need to start waxing the brows just yet.

      Yeah…didn’t everyone turn away from Bowie’s “crotchal” region in that movie? What was Jim Henson thinking? Eeeeeeeew…..

  4. elsmama says:

    Yes, well, I think Jim Henson *wasn’t* thinking when it came to the codpiece. Perhaps he, too, just turned away with a shudder and move along to something else.

    It does may me wonder what that particular day on the set was like… Maybe he was too involved with Hoggle and the Bog of Eternal Stench to notice?

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