QotD: An Unforgettable Home

What's the most memorable building you've lived in?
Submitted by Shelly.

Wow – Interesting question.

I think the most memorable place I lived was my first apartment.  It was an old building in downtown Minneapolis, right on the edge of Loring Park.  It was a tiny little studio with a fabulous claw-foot bathtub and a big walk-in closet.

What made this place memorable was the neighborhood – Loring Park was, at the time, a hub of the gay community, and there were always interesting people hanging out around there.  I remember once when my car was blocked in on the street and also wouldn't start, one of the neighbors poked his head out of the window to ask what was up.  Seeing I needed some help, he and his companion (who apparently were gays of the leather variety) came out and helped push the car around so I could roll start it.  I also periodically ran in to transsexuals in full regalia, and was jealous of their ability to walk in stiletto heels, which I still can not do. 

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